GOOGL - Alphabet Inc Company Profile

GOOGL - Alphabet Inc Company Profile

Alphabet Inc. is a multinational company with its headquarters in California, United States. It was created in October 2015 when Google was undergoing restructuring. Google’s subsidiaries were moved to Alphabet Inc., in a bid to narrow the scope of Google’s internet services and make it more accountable. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who were the two founders of the search engine company, became top executives at the new parent company – CEO and president respectively. With a staff strength of over 77,000 full time employees, the company would only get bigger with a wide range of services it provides to customers worldwide.

The company’s website is different from the Disney’s (for the American Broadcasting Corporation) and (BMW’s website).

Top Executives

Dr. Lawrence “Larry” Edward Page – Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Director

Dr. Eric E. Schmidt Ph.D. – Executive Chairman

Dr. Sergey Brin – Co-Founder, President and Director

Mr. David C. Drummond J.D. – Chief Legal Officer, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development and Secretary

Ms. Ruth M. Porat – Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President

Key Description

Alphabet is a conglomerate of companies with a portfolio that covers different sectors of life and the economy. From research and capital investment to sciences and technology, the company has even become a bigger company over the years. They also provide digital marketing services to clients in the UK, the US, Asia and other parts of the globe.

The company has two major segments – the Google segment and Other Bets. Products and services like Google Search, Google Plus, Google Cloud, Google Play, Chrome, Android, YouTube, Google Maps, Commerce, and Google ads are part of the Google segment of the company. They also sell their own brand of phones, apps, cloud hosting services amongst other hardware products. While businesses like Google Fiber, Waymo, Google X, Verily (formerly Google life sciences), Nest, GV (formerly Google Ventures), CapitalG, Calico, and Access are all part of the Other bets segment. The subsidiaries in this segment pretty much evolved into their own brands from Google in order to show uniqueness while still providing the services they are known for.

In as much as the most popular of Alphabet’s businesses is Google, the president stated that it slimming down what the company provides into different segments help in the proper management of the brand. On the Fortune 500 list of 2017, Alphabet ranks 27. This has made it one of the fastest growing companies in the technology sector. Some of the company’s competitors include: Netflix, AppNexus, Criteo, Twitter, Facebook, WebMD, LinkedIn, eBay, Amazon, Kayak, Seznam, Yandex, Naver, Yahoo and Microsoft.

Stock History and Current Share Price

The company went public in 2015. Since the 2015 IPO, it’s share price has skyrocketed and is still one of the most highly valued stock in the stock exchange market. All Google’s stock were transferred to Alphabet but still maintained the ticker. In the first quarter of the year 2016, the company became the most valuable publicly traded brand in the world – surpassing the likes of Apple. Apple only took back the position 2-3 days later. But the benchmark was set and competition in the stock market only got stiffer with time.

Currently, the share price of Alphabet is valued at $1,050 per share – one of the most highly valued in the NASDAQ. With a revenue of over $90 billion and profit increase of more than $19 billion, the company’s investors can only be sure of a better fiscal year ahead. Alphabet has total equity worth over $140 billion and total assets worth more than $168 billion.


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