Apple Inc - AAPL Company Profile

Apple Inc - AAPL Company Profile

In 1976, Ronald Wayne, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs came together to start up a company in order to sell the Apple I PC – a brain child of Wozniak. A year later, the company grew in strength and sales, as evem the Apple II also enjoyed massive sales. As there were Returns on Investment (ROI), more programmers and designers were employed to help in mass production. As at 1980, the company’s stock went public as sales boomed as a result of their technological advancements and advertisement strategies.

Apple is a multinational brand that provides consumer electronics with an innovative user interface aimed at boosting user experience. By revenue, they are the largest IT company in the world. Their financial success can be attributed to the creativity of Steve Jobs who passed on some months after stepping down as the CEO of Apple Inc.

Top Executives

Mr. Timothy D. Cook – CEO & Director

Mr. D. Bruce Sewell J.D. – Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Sec.

Mr. Luca Maestri – Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Daniel J. Riccio – Senior Vice President, Hardware Engineering

Mr. Eduardo H. Cue – Senior Vice President, Internet Software & Services

Services and Products

Apple is an American tech company with headquarters in California, US. This brand is in the consumer goods sector and specialises in the design, production and marketing of small-sized digital music players, laptops, media devices, mobile communication gadgets and accessories to customers around the world. Their clients include small and medium scale enterprises, corporate organizations, banks and individuals. With a staff strength of over 122,000 full time employees, the company has not just provided products for consumers but also jobs for people.

Asides hardware components, Apple also provides some of the best apps, digital content, software and network solutions to businesses and people globally. They offer a collection of smart phones, desktops, laptops and tablets called the the iPhone, Mac and iPad respectively. These gadgets are some of the most pricey electronics you can ever find in the market. After Samsung, Apple is the next largest producer of mobile devices. The Mac competes with the likes of HP in the PC niche.

Apple also offers the iOS – a platform on which phone apps work. The Android Operating System and the Windows are it’s major competitors. Other products and services they provide include: iWork, iLife, MacOS, Safari web browser, iPod, Logic Pro, Filmmaker Pro, iTunes, Apple Watch and Apple TV. You can find all these at the various digital Apple Stores.

History of Stock and Current Stock

When Apple first went public with its shares, about 4.6 million shares were made available. It sold out in minutes at about $22. The day finally ended over $1.7 billion. As the highest shareholder, Steve Jobs made over $200 million. It is believed that any one who bought a share from Apple, was likely to get about 900 times its worth by this year 2017. In September 2012, their share price for to its highest point at $705 per share. It’s current share goes for $170. With over $200 million as annual revenue, Apple has market capitalisation of over $870 billion. This made them the first corporation in the US worth over $700 million.

On the NASDAQ, Apple is also one of the best performers ever. Other tech companies like Microsoft and Alphabet (Google’s parent company) have also given them a run for their money. But with over $255 million in its cash reserves, it is projected that Apple will become the first company in the world that is worth $1 trillion. This is very likely, seeing that the creative ideas by Jobs was maintained and even improved on.



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