Tesla Inc- TSLA Company Profile

Tesla Inc- TSLA Company Profile

Tesla Inc. was founded in 2003 in the United States. Formerly known as Tesla Motors, the name was changed in order to accommodate the additional products and services they offered to the public. With headquarters in California, the company boasts a staff strength of over 20,000 full time employees and more than 130 service centers spread across different locations.

Asides selling the Model S Sedan (which has enough space for 5 adult occupants) and the Model X Sports utility vehicle (which can take up to 7 people at a time), the company has also made a 14 kilowatts Powerwall 2 available for homes and the 200 kilowatts Powerpack for commercial users – all solar energy systems. The likes of Trinity Solar, Sunrun Inc., Samsung, LG, General Motors, Ford, Fiat, Nissan, Daimler, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, BMW, Vivint Solar Inc., and Audi are some of its major competitors in the energy generation and automotive industry.

Top Executives

Mr. Elon R. Musk – Chief Executive Officer, Product Architect, Chairman & Co-Founder

Mr. Jonathan McNeill     – President of Global Sales & Service

Mr. Jeffrey B. Straubel – Chief Technology Officer

Mr. John Douglas Field – Senior Vice President VP of Engineering

Mr. Deepak Ahuja – Chief Financial Officer

Key Description

Tesla Inc. is a multinational brand that specialises in designing, developing, producing and marketing electric cars and other energy saving systems. They are also into the installation, maintainence and operation of solar systems and products that do not require the use of petroleum products. The company is sub-divided into two major areas – the energy generation and storage segment and the automotive segment.

In the energy segment, the company provides products like rechargeable lithium ion batteries for commercial facilities and residential buildings in the US, China, Norway and other parts of the world. They also install, maintain, lease and sell solar products to clients, in addition to the electricity they provide and offer to customers for a fee. The automotive segment majorly deals with the production and sale of SUVs (sport utility vehicles) and sedans. The company also manufacture components of electric trains and electric vehicle parts to other manufacturers – through its service centers, outlets, referral programs, partner networks, stores and other locations. They also have an online store and a team of mobile technicians who assist customers with any operation and maintenance issues they might have.

Stock History and Current Price

Since it’s 2010 IPO when a share was sold for $20, Tesla share price has risen continuously – hitting an all time high of $383 per share. The company has had its ups and downs in the stock market – especially as they almost sold no vehicles in 2013. When Donald Trump won the presidential elections, the stock value rose to 50% because of the belief that his intended policy to boost sales and use of products made by American companies will favor Tesla. For a company that sold just over 80,000 cars in the 2016 fiscal year, ending with $300 per share was not bad at all.

Currently, the share price goes for $308 and is still showing signs of growth – regardless of the debts it incurred after acquiring SolarCity in 2016. With a market capitalisation of over $52 billion, the company intends to further boost revenue and stock value. Elon Musk’s game plan is to sell over 500,000 cars in 2018. This can accomplished as the world is looking for energy saving alternatives. Investors on the other hand, are putting in monies into ventures that would yield over a 100 folds in years to come. Any investor who bought the Tesla share just after the IPO is likely to have a return of over a $1,000 per share today.


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